Monday, May 27, 2013

Workshops...Collin County & Dallas

Are you looking for a workshop for your elementary age child?
Looking closely at a piece of history...

We are Texas-certified public school teachers and graduates of Baylor University and Cal State University Northridge. We have taught in public schools in Dallas, Los Angeles, and Italy. We carry together a combined ten years of diverse experience. 

Choose from a variety of opportunities for your child to learn hands-on and collaboratively:

-Earthy Art (Science/Art Integration)

-Picasso Art

-Author's Experience (writing workshop)

-Book Clubs (reading workshop)

-Inquiry Math

We have a beautiful vision for sharing and encouraging a love of learning for any child. 


Your child and a small group of their friends will gather together in your home or at a local community center or library. The Ateliér will bring all of the necessary supplies.

More information regarding the specifics of the workshop can be found on our website: http://theatelierschool.orgPlease contact us if you are intrigued.

Thank you!


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