Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Flying by the seat of your pants"

“Inspiration usually comes during work rather than before it." - Madeleine L'engle
 We all have had a situation in which we had to "wing it". For teachers, it happens often. But despite the increased chaos, a classroom full of eager minds can really benefit from these unplanned adventures.

 For example, my entire first year, with "Room 204" was pretty much a collection of moments in which my students and I improvised together. They did not seem to mind, and in fact, they taught me the true meaning of patience and grace. Those once third graders gave me a chance to experiment and grow, and most importantly, figure out what it means to "teach". They let me fail, often! I'll never forget sitting at my computer during lunch and emailing myself about the "horror" I was facing. (Some day I'll share those old emails here on the blog.)

The most beautiful part, after a day full of disorganized mess, they came in to class with huge smiles and hugs. They learned to work together and solve conflicts, that to them were life and death. And in the end, I know they were learning, thinking, and growing. There was an underlying faith in one-another. With this level of trust a community can exist, and learning will take place, a learning of even greater depth.


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  1. Isn't it such our natural teacher instinct to want to control? f we are willing to step back and let the students trust each other and themselves....THAT is beautiful, and thus our teaching can truly become what it ought to be :)