Monday, August 12, 2013

What's For Lunch?

With all of the discussions around "Back to School" we often overlook one of our most basic needs, food; what is for lunch? 

Are your children eating foods that are rich in the components necessary for the development of their brains? 

Are they eating foods that sustain energy and support their ability to focus in the classroom? 

Are they eating foods that promote healthy classroom behaviors?

Gluten Free - Double Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies

An article from about children and nutrients: Click Here

Just as the under-fed child will have trouble focusing; the child loaded with refined sugars and packaged meals will likely struggle just as much. 

(When I taught in Skid-Row, Los Angeles, many children came to school hungry, and before learning, eating had to take place. When I taught in affluent/middle-class communities, many children came to school fed with donuts and pastries, and struggled to focused and show motivation and enthusiasm for learning.) 

It's really hard these days, when the grocery stores make it so easy, and the competition amongst children is fierce.

In today's classroom children are allowed to bring their own snacks, and in some places, they can snack throughout the day as needed. This gives the child the freedom to make choices for themselves. 

The problem: 

The snacks and lunches provided typically have limited nutrition and encourage the development of poor eating habits (long-term). 

This link gives a list of "healthy" packaged snack options - a effort by the USDA HealthierUS School Challenge. How many of these items actually seem "healthy"? How many are free of most gluten and added sugars? How many have real protein, real fats, and whole grains? -> Click Here

So what are we supposed to do?

Homemade Goldfish - Who has time right?

Yeah, making your own homemade goldfish crackers - not realistic.


1. You know your child best. What do they prefer?

2. Allow your child to be part of the decisions - guide them in their choices.

3. Visit Pinterest for school lunch ideas. The visuals are quick and easy.

4. Always include a fruit and a vegetable; two of each, even better.

5. Team up with other families and share the responsibility; make it a community effort. 
School Lunch

Please leave comments and links to share what works for you! :)


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