Sunday, April 14, 2013

School Sucks

A place I love!

 "School is an inconvenience naturally - so our only role as teachers is to inspire learning - anything else will confirm the notion of any generation, "school sucks."  ~ honey

 This is something that came out in a conversation between Abby and myself a few weeks ago. I really feel that this is a reality for most kids. School is an opportunity to be social and to simply "get through the day". It's really a shame, think of all the time children spend in school...lets look at one year and multiply that by the typical 13 years spent in school before graduation.

*180 school days in a year (an average for most public schools)

*4,320 hours per year

*56,160 hours in a school lifetime prior to graduation

Now think about your life, that's collectively 6.5 years (no breaks) of simply "getting through the day".  What could you do with that time?

This connects me back to the picture...for all of the time in a classroom filling in worksheets that didn't challenge me I could have been in Sedona, learning about the rock cycle, desert habitats, cloud formations...and learning how to live in any moment, allowing the environment to teach.


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